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Picking a color for your new siding is more complicated than it seems; all it takes to ruin your home’s curb appeal is one mismatched element or color. Luckily, by sticking with colors that have been traditionally associated with certain house styles, you can maintain a consistent aesthetic for your exterior.

US Roofing LLC, a top roofing contractor in the state, lists the dominant colors for each house style.

Rustic, Modern Farmhouse: White, Red and Blue

The modern farmhouse is the preferred style among homeowners with simple lifestyles due to its functionality. Those who want to highlight the modern farmhouse’s rustic charm and origins should use traditional farmhouse colors like barn reds, sky blues, or egg-shell whites in their siding.

Minimalist Modern Farmhouse: Shades of Blue and Grays

Many are drawn to the minimalist lifestyle because of its promise of a less stressful and more focused day-to-day life. Homeowners who want to highlight the modern minimalist twist on modern farmhouses should install siding in cool tones, like blue and gray.

The siding and roof replacement of a minimalist modern farmhouse can be of the same color, but it will need some material accents for a bit of contrast. For example, stone and wood accents will complement a predominantly gray exterior.

Craftsman Houses: Dark and Nature-Inspired Shades

Craftsman houses date all the way back to the late 1800s, but they have enjoyed a resurgence lately, with a 2018 poll revealing it’s the most popular style among Americans. Dark siding usually goes well with this house style, as it helps draw attention to its intricate details. Recently, however, homeowners have begun to prefer nature-inspired shades like beiges, greens and browns.

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