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The soffit is the inconspicuous part of your roof that covers the eaves. It adds to the physical appearance of your home as well as ventilation to your roof. Typically, it is made of fiber cement, wood and vinyl. When problems in your soffit arise, it usually is because of the intrusion of water that results in wood rot and damage. When water flows down from the roof, it goes to the gutter and downspout.

Signs to Look Out For in Damaged Soffits

Signs of Soffit Damage

Unfortunately, some water residue is left on the edge of the roof that slowly drips and gets behind the gutter and lands on the soffit. Over time, this will cause wood rot. To prevent huge roof replacement, US Roofing LLC urges you to watch out for the following signs that may lead to soffit damage.

  • Water Marks

  • Constant Wet Look

  • Dampness

  • Visible cracks, holes or gaps

  • Mold Growth

  • Bubbling Paint

In case you see some of these signs, any roofing contractor would say that it is not enough to just paint over the defective area or chop off the broken section. By covering or removing the defective area without identifying and fixing the cause only assures that the problem will continue to manifest itself in your homes soffits, fascia and roof.

What You Can Do

They need to be removed and the remaining area needs to be examined. Checking the rafter boards, fascia boards, 2 by 4’s, and attic space is critical to understand what has caused the soffit defect.

The best lesson here is to stop wood rot early on to save you the headache of costly repairs. Do regular maintenance of your roof and gutters by an experienced roofing contractor. Also, you may ask about installing a drip edge, which acts as a barrier to redirect water into the gutters.

For a thorough inspection and storm damage repair service, you have US Roofing LLC to count on. Call our number at (706) 609-9111 to schedule your free consultation.


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