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The roof is the most visible part of any home, so when planning a roof replacement project, choosing the right color is as important as choosing a high wind resistance ratings and a long life span. In this blog, US Roofing LLC shares tips on how to choose the right roof color.

Coordinate the Roofing and Siding Colors

Roofing and siding colors need to be in harmony. After all, they’re the two biggest parts of the home’s exterior. If your siding isn’t up for replacement for another several years, then your roofing color choice must work with the siding. Some people find this restricting, but given the number of color selections available out there, choosing a color that complements the siding actually makes your choice much easier.

Visual texture should also be considered when pairing roof and siding. Certain types of siding such as cedar shake, faux stone panels and permanent components like brick tend to have a lot going on. Pairing it with “color blend” shingles may result in a cluttered look. Instead, consider streamlined metal roofing or simpler asphalt shingle styles. Choose a roofing contractor who offers more than one type of roofing material so you can explore and find the right one for your home.

Tall House, Dark Roof

Not many people consider the height of the building when choosing roofing color, but the height of the house does play a part in it. A two or three-story house with a beige roof will look off-balance; the same house with a dark color will look sophisticated and visually balanced. If you are worried that the dark roof will absorb heat from the sun, roofing manufacturers such as GAF and IKO offer ENERGY STAR® certified “cool roof” options that have reflective properties regardless of color.

View Color Samples During Different Times of the Day

Colors can look different depending on how sunlight hits it at different times of the day. Ask your roofing contractor for roofing material samples, then position them where you can view them with the siding. Check the colors at different times: at sunrise, close to noon, at sundown, and at night Eliminate colors  that don’t look good. If you have several candidates, doing this can quickly narrow down your selection.

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