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When it comes to commercial roof care, a preventive maintenance program is necessary. It involves routine inspections to identify problems early and subsequent repairs to keep the damage from worsening.

Let US Roofing explain how a typical commercial roof inspection process works:

Checking Interior Areas for Red Flags

Before giving the entire roof covering a thorough checkup, we examine interior areas to look for evidence of moisture infiltration. Any experienced roofing contractor knows that water streaks, mold growth and peeling paint can be indicative of leakage.

Keeping an Eye for Dirt and Debris

Then, we check the drains for any dirt and debris buildup. Regardless of your roof’s drainage system, it should be free from any blockage big enough to affect the flow of water. We remove all clogs in the drains to reduce the volume of destructive ponding water.

Noting Types of Damage

Our crew surveys the roof and leaves no area unchecked. We include every red flag we discover in the report. This way, we can recommend a solution to address each to prevent costly, major repairs and premature roof replacement.

Evaluating Exterior Structural Elements

In addition to the roofing materials, US Roofing also pays close attention to flashings, vents, pipes and any HVAC equipment installed in the rooftop. We look for structural damage and signs of aging. Any issue these exterior building elements have may affect the integrity of the roof.

Watching Out for Fungal and Moss Growth

Experts in storm damage repair services attest that the presence of fungus and moss is bad news to the roof. These contaminants can accelerate the deterioration of the roof surface, so all traces of them must be removed urgently.

If you don’t have a preventative roof maintenance program yet, develop one with US Roofing. Call us at (706) 609-9111 today to set up your free consultation at a time most convenient for you.



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