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You’ve finally decided to have your roof repaired, only to find out that the existing roof has sustained much more serious damage than you had originally thought. You’re not alone — many homeowners, much like you, can be caught by surprise. Damage to a roof can start off small, but if left unattended, can spread quickly. Before you know it, your roof could be ready for a total replacement.

How to Know If You Need a Roofing Job

To avoid such a situation, it’ll be useful to learn the basics of spotting roof damage. This knowledge will enable you to detect problems early and call a roofing contractor to have them fixed before they spread into expensive repairs.

As one of the most trusted roofers in Augusta, Savannah and nearby areas in GA, we at US Roofing LLC have come up with some of the most effective ways to spot roof damage before they turn into major problems.

1. Have your roof inspected after every major storm.

You may think that your roof weathered out the storm pretty well, but this could just be wishful thinking. Storms can cause minor damage to a roof that won’t be easy to detect unless you perform a detailed roofing inspection.

Make sure that you find a contractor that is experienced in storm damage roof replacement when having your roof inspected.

2. Perform regular inspections.

You don’t need to be an experienced roofing contractor to perform minor inspections on your roof. You can also perform regular inspections to find minor faults on your roof. Here are the problems to look out for:

  • Loose or missing shingles

  • Deformed flashings

  • Debris on your roof and gutters

  • Clogged gutters

  • Damaged gutters

  • Signs of water leaks, such as water marks on the ceiling and walls

3. Find a reliable contractor if you do find roofing problems.

Your first instinct may be to fix the problem yourself, but this can prove to be a huge mistake. Unless you’re experienced in roof repair, it would be best to trust the professionals. Here’s why:

  • You don’t know the extent of the damage

  • You might perform a band-aid repair

  • You might put your safety at risk

  • Only professionals know how to do the job right

Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection Today!

If you suspect that your roof is damaged and that you need emergency roof repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to call a professional roofer like US Roofing LLC to perform a thorough inspection. Call us at (855) 877-6631 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.  



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