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If you have a flat roof and you are noticing some leaks, you definitely want to address the issue right away. The only problem is, leaks are not so easy to find on flat roofs. Roof repair experts from US Roofing are here to help with these tips:

Clear Debris

Start by making sure there is no debris on your roof. When you are done, check the spots where branches could possibly have torn roofing material.

Inspect Collars Around the Plumbing Vents

All plumbing vents should have “collars” around them. The opening in your roofing should be covered and protected by a flange and this flange should not have cracks or any parts with decay.

Look for Patches

See if there are parts of the roof with patches that have caulking or roofing tar. These patches are just temporary and will eventually fail to work.

Check the Seams

The seams in your roofing material may also have flaws that are indicative of a leak. Make sure that the edges of the seams are still tightly sealed.

Find Low Spots

Low spots in your flat roof may also tell you where the leaks are. On dry roofing, there may be some circles with small amounts of water pooling in them. Inspect the center of every circle to see if there are spots that leak. This method is especially effective for rubber roofing.

Unless it requires an emergency roof repair, there may still be ways to prolong the life of your current roofing. Patches may work for a while but know that they are not going to last.

Remember that the origin of the leak may not be exactly where you see the leaks. Flat roofs still have low pitches and because of this, water usually flows from where the real damage is.

For best results, roof repairs and storm damage roof replacement should only be performed by professionals. If you’re worried that the integrity of your flat roof has been compromised, call US Roofing at (706) 609-9111 and we’ll be with you right away.




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