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Storms can be damaging to a home. The stronger a storm, the more damage it can do to a home’s yard, roof, siding, windows and other exterior features, prompting storm damage roof replacement and others. Homeowners need to do all that they can in order to prevent or at least lessen the damage a house can receive from a storm.

Here are some ways to minimize a storm’s impact on your home. Doing these things can help reduce problems related to roof repair and home restoration jobs you might need and help you live comfortably inside your home during and after a storm.

Create a home inventory

As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Taking inventory of your home and possessions before a storm can damage your home will help you when you file home insurance claims after the storm passes.

Take photos and videos of what you have and make detailed lists of your possessions. Be sure to include serial numbers and/or price tags and receipts whenever you can for easy reference during restoration and roof repair.

Prepare for possible impact

Strong winds and hail can cause massive damage to your home by hurling hard objects to your roofs, doors and windows. Secure loose objects and outdoor furniture to prevent them from getting thrown by winds. Put small, hard objects away in a secure place.

Trim trees and cut off overhanging branches near your roof and windows. If possible, trim leaves off of trees with thick foliage as these might cause trees to be uprooted during strong winds.

Protect your windows using boards or shutters. Cover exposed doors with plywood; just make sure to provide paths of egress for emergencies. If you can, opt to use impact resistant windows. Avoid taping window glass as this will provide you with false security and might lead to more problems.

Protect your home from floods

Storms with heavy rainfall can cause floods to occur. Make sure to prevent floods from entering your home by covering your entryways with piles of sandbags at least two feet high. Park your vehicles on higher ground, away from where water tends to pool in your area.

Unplug all electronic equipment and electrical appliances to prevent electrocution as well as fires caused by appliances getting wet. Shut off your electricity if needed.

In the event that your roof gets damaged during a storm, it will be wise to call a trusted contractor for emergency roof repair jobs. Doing this helps contain storm damage so it won’t worsen, making it easy to repair your roof after the storm.

Contact US Roofing LLC for roofing needs during and after a storm. We also offer gutter repair and siding replacement services to residents in Georgetown, GA, and the surrounding areas. Call us at (706) 609-9111 or fill our online form for a free consultation!



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