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Roof inspections should always be carried out on your residential or commercial roofing systems, especially if a storm just passed by your area. With regular roof inspections, any roofing problems that the storm caused can be spotted immediately and you can have the necessary roof repair work conducted.

In this post, US Roofing LLC discusses how you can inspect your commercial roofing system on your own.

Aerial Photographs

When it comes to inspecting your roof on your own, you should have an aerial photograph of the system taken. That way the field inspection will be streamlined and the technician will only need to verify any information that the aerial photographs show. Any findings that the technician will verify can properly determine if your roof needs a repair or a complete replacement.

Visual Inspection

After taking any aerial photographs, visual inspections should be the next step that you’ll take. The data that you captured can include the roof type, age, size, composition and any anomalies that can be identified. That way, it can be determined if your roofing system is in dire need of any emergency roof repair</a > work. You can also have infrared scans done to see if your roof has any wet insulation or penetrations that can cause moisture damage to the system.

Why Call a Professional?

On the other hand, while inspecting your roof by yourself after a storm is a good thing to do, it’s not a replacement for a proactive maintenance conducted by a professional. This is because professionals have the trained eye and experience to conduct the proper inspections that your roof needs. They can spot any problems that you yourself may have missed and determine the necessary steps needed to prevent any further damage. With the help of a professional, you can save a significant amount by repairing your roof before any existing issues become too much of a problem.

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