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Part of maintaining your roofing system properly is knowing the areas that are easily susceptible to weather damage. Every roof type has unique weaknesses, but US Roofing attests that these sections are more prone to leaks:

Understanding the Weakest Parts of a Roof


In pitched roofs, valleys are the sections where two slopes meet. Naturally, rainwater flows toward and over them before reaching the gutters. When not properly sealed, seepage occurs through these seams, which requires an urgent roof repair.

Valley construction can vary from roof to roof. Some valleys are covered with shingles, making them “closed”. Others have a pre-bent metal lining to protect the underlayment attached to the sheathing from moisture, creating an “open” look.

Many emergency roof repair experts believe that open valleys are more susceptible to leakage than closed valleys. However, both types of valley construction should be and stay leak-proof when done right and with proper maintenance.


These thin pieces of metal cover the gaps caused by penetrations and joints of two structures, much like opening valley linings. With a sealant, flashings render seams water-resistant. Flashings need regular attention. The sealant and the metal itself corrode over time and they can allow moisture to infiltrate the roof the older they get.

When planning a storm damage roof replacement or repair, hire a reputable company. Some unreliable contractors reuse old flashings on purpose to cut costs. Honest roofers don’t install salvageable used components to prevent premature roof failure.


Uncovered gutters and downspouts are vulnerable to debris buildup. This is especially true if you have many tall trees planted in your yard. It’s imperative to do routine gutter cleaning to get rid of clogs, or else the water won’t drain completely and efficiently. Any blockage can force the water to flow into the fascia boards or back up to the shingles, which may result in water damage.

Turn to US Roofing to strengthen the weak sections of your roofing system. Call us at (706) 609-9111 now to schedule your free consultation and to learn more about our solutions.




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