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Your roof protects you against the elements and adds to the curb appeal of your home. What happens, though, when your shingles start to curl? It can be tricky to figure out what causes issues with your roof, and it can be challenging to determine if you can repair it or if you’ll need to replace your roof entirely. If you want your shingles to last, it’s essential to learn about the potential causes and fixes for a curling or buckling roof.

Why Are My Shingles Curling?

When you notice shingles lifting on your roof, they’ve most likely begun to curl. Curling is the most common lifting issue, where the corners of the shingle have come loose and started to “curl” up. You may have noticed damaged shingles from inside your home if you have a leaking roof or sunlight peeking through areas of your attic ceiling. If you’ve only seen damaged shingles from the outside, call in a professional roofing company. They’ll safely inspect the roof from the top to best determine the cause. Before deciding on your next steps for repair or reinstallation, consider four common reasons your shingles might be curling.

1. Age

As shingles age, they become more vulnerable to damage. Different types of shingles have different lifespans, which you can usually estimate based on their warranty. If your asphalt shingles are out of warranty and more than 20 years old, it’s an excellent idea to have them replaced. It’s crucial to have roofing professionals perform routine inspections. A regular maintenance schedule will let them repair current issues while detecting and preventing future ones.

2. Improper Installation

Companies installing residential roofs must follow guidelines from the International Residential Code as well as strict manufacturer requirements. Some of the specifications may have included the number of nails allowed per shingle, the length or type of nail and ventilation measures. Neglecting these standards and requirements can cause future roof issues. For example, if the roofers installed your shingles with too few nails, the corners will only be partially secure and vulnerable to roof curling. Additionally, if the shingles’ alignment keeps them from adhering to the tar holding them in place, they’ll come loose and bend at the edges.

3. Poor Ventilation

Curling shingles are often the result of poor ventilation. The heat and moisture in your house travel upward to your attic and ceiling. If you have poor ventilation, the moisture can get trapped between the materials that insulate your roof and attic. The escaping moisture will cause the shingles to loosen and curl.

4. Poor Materials

There are times when manufacturers use poor materials to design their shingles. These shingles can often curl due to a defect discovered after they were already installed on your roof. These problems might affect your roof’s warranty and change your roof’s overall look and quality.  

How to Fix Curling or Buckling Shingles

Some of the issues that cause curling shingles can also cause buckling. While curling refers to a shingle’s edges, buckling occurs when moisture gets trapped beneath a shingle and causes the center to rise. Below, we’ll discuss some ways you can address curling or buckling shingles.

Add Air Flow

If you have ventilation that’s blocked or overworked, heat from inside your home can have a powerful impact on your roof. Ensuring adequate ventilation can increase your roofing material’s lifespan and help keep your shingles in place. Add intake and exit vents to improve your home’s ventilation and maintain your roof’s integrity.

Hire Professional Repair

Hiring professionals to repair or replace your roof is always the safest option for addressing shingle problems. Curling shingles can be the result of a deeper issue, so it’s best to call for professional roof repair right away. If the damage is minimal, roofers can seal the damaged shingles while leaving the rest of the roof intact. Find an experienced roofing company to assess your ventilation and check your roof for proper materials. Ensure they’re licensed, bonded, insured and have excellent online reviews. Professionals will know the roofing products that work in your area and check that your warranties are valid.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

A proactive approach will let you fix shingles curling and buckling before it occurs. Check for shingle issues if your roof is 10 or more years old. Since the shingles are subject to more wear and tear over time, you should also have professionals inspect your roof once a year. Regular inspections will let them fix minor problems while preventing larger ones down the line.

How to Know if You Need a Roof Replacement

If you think you might need to replace your roof, it’s best to assess the overall condition first. A harsh environment can cause your shingles to weather and age faster, and heavy storms can lead to buckling or curling. If a large portion of your roof is damaged, a full replacement is often the more affordable option. In most cases, the cost will only be slightly higher than repairing the current and future damage you can expect with an aging roof. Depending on the quality of the installation and materials, residential roofs can reach the end of their lifespans every 15-20 years. While some may last less or more time than this, replacing your roof according to its lifespan will help keep you, your family and your possessions safe. It’s best to opt for a single roof removal rather than adding the new one over the old one. Removing your old roof will help maintain structural integrity and start the new roof off right. Replacing your roof is sometimes the most affordable and safest option. Hiring professional roofers to replace your roof will give you solid protection from the elements while enhancing the look of your home.

Call US Roofing for Shingle or Roof Replacement

It’s vital to address curling or buckling shingles right away to protect your home’s structural integrity and appearance. Learning about the causes of curling shingles lets you know how to spot and prevent them, and when to contact professionals if you’re unsure of your next steps. Call US Roofing when you need roof inspection and repairs. Our expert installers have extensive training to make sure your roof lasts, and we ensure up-to-date industry techniques and practices to get the job done right. For shingle or roof replacement, call 855-877-6631 or fill out our online contact form today!

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